Testimonials West Palm Beach

"Steven Cornrich is an absolute genius when it comes to all things technological. I Have an extremely stressful career and having everything functioning properly is of utmost importance. I do not know how I would even survive without Steven as my IT person. His knowledge and education far surpass experts in the field, that I’ve worked with professionally (have literally sworn Them in, to tell the truth)as a court reporter, so I speak confidently and knowledgeably about his expertise. His knowledge is both forensic and practical and completely invaluable to any professional in any career path.
He’s ready to help at all times and seems to have a grasp on every detail and nuance in the IT arena. I am thankful every day that I have him on board helping me navigate through a very busy and tedious professional career."

Terri Becker, Court Reporter

In a computer crisis, you want the very best professional help that’s fast, effective, efficient, and affordable. Steven Cornrich of TelData Computer Solutions provides all that and more. When a cluster crisis recently struck, a combination of glowing word of mouth mentions and rave online reviews led me to Steven. And in my experience, his sterling reputation is well deserved. Going far beyond the extra mile to retrieve a massive store of critical data from a hard drive in fatal condition, and setting up a new laptop with a big upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10, his technical expertise and superb customer service exceeded all my hopes and expectations. Like so many other satisfied clients, I valued his uncommon responsiveness and dependability, not least as to the knowledgeable and calming manner in which he took control of the problem and delivered the solution, quietly and quickly. I recommend Steven’s work and TelData Computer Solutions without reservation.” 

Petra Pieterse, the award-winning journalist, national magazine editor and book publisher 

"Extremely knowledgeable, Prompt and very responsive and did exactly what they said they would. I highly recommend TelData Computer Solutions - Best Tech Support Company in Palm Beach"

Donna Summers

"Steven Cornrich made himself extremely available to me on an immediate basis and when I needed the help the most! not to mention making himself available to me after the work was done to ensure things were working and to offer training and support"

John Nugent, Realtor Coastal Living, Singer Island Specialist

"Fantastic & exceptional service. . .thank you Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions Amazing that I'm in North Carolina and you fixed it remotely from Florida!!"

Anne Tierney, Realtor Brown Harris Stevens Palm Beach

"All I can say is THANK YOU to Steven Cornrich of TelData Computer Solutions. Extremely responsive, extremely knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. If you find your self in a jam like I was TelData Computer Solutions is the one to call"

Brandi F.

"I had been working with PC Connect Tech a service that you pay extra for with AT&T to troubleshoot and do routine maintenance on my computer. During one of those routine maintenance they remote accessed my computer and in the process locked up the bios. I then went to geek squad and since it was an all-in-one PC they refuse to try and unlock the bios as it appeared to complicated for them, I then found myself in a position where it would have cost me $168 to mail my PC to Intellicell, the company that Samsung uses to fix their computers. I searched out other local PC repair companies who all offered to look at it for $150 that was nonrefundable if they couldn't figure out how to fix it with no guarantees.

I then called TelData Computer Solutions and spoke to Steven Cornrich, he said he would come to my home pick up my PC and take it back to his office and look at it. He informed me that if he couldn't fix it there would be no charge. Within hours Steven was at my home picking up my PC and by the next day he had it fixed for about $350 less than Intellicell and the others would've charge me. I highly recommend and encourage anyone having computer problems to call TelData Computer Solutions and Steven Cornrich. My problem was solved professionally and expeditiously. "

Jason B.

"My appreciation and gratitude to Steve Cornrich!My back was against the wall I had absolutely no one to call and after several bad experiences with the big box stores like best buy and office depot I was told to call TelDataComputerSolutions and ask for Steven Cornrich.  

Well what can I say other than my problem was resolved, Steven Cornrich is a Tech Genius and all my problems were solved by Steven remoting into my PC.  I did not have to bring my PC anywhere like I have in the past and Steven never had to come out to my business. Thank you TelData and Mr. Steven Cornrich you will be the only computer guy I ever recommend. "
Jay H. - Executive for Non-Profit - Assurance Solutions Inc.

"My appreciation and gratitude to Steve Cornrich! I had a computer that needed upgrading from Windows XP. I had to go back to the company that built it for me as this was part of the support they offered. The company was sold and there was much speculations as to how this was done. Steve realized that my hard drive was switch out for a smaller capacity and the larger one I had was kept by them for back up. Total data security issue for me! Thanks to Steve for alerting me, I managed to keep my hard drive and not allow this company to hold on to it. My computer had many issues afterward with pop ups and redirecting screens. It was awful. I put it off as I needed to budget for this additional problem to be fixed and would not go back to this company! Steve, knew how important this was for me and instructed me to go to his Website and click for remote entry so he could see what the issues were. To my amazement, he had it totally fixed that night! I did not even have to be at my office! I recommend everyone to Steve, as he goes above and beyond to give us the security, efficiency, and relief......... Fasssssssssst! "

Carole Casella - Assurance Solutions Inc.

"TelData Computer Solutions is by far the best IT company in Palm Beach County, if you have any computer problems I suggest you call Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions at 561.693.8644."

Tamara Smith

"I have been completely blown away. As you all know, I have had to start all over and opened a new event company. It had been quite an experience. A bit devastating, to say the least. But a member of our group has gone above and beyond any call of duty. His name is, the Great Steven Cornrich. He took the initiative without solicitation to open a website in my new company name, Victori Events LLC. I could never have done this. He motivated me to move forward and pick myself up. Nobody has done something so kind for me before. I am touched and deeply greatful. I will forever remember the compassion and kindness of Steve Cornrich. I would trust him anything. He is a true and real man. Thank You FOREVER for being there, Vicki Victori Events LLC "

Vicki Maxwell - Owner and Founder of Victori Events

"Thank you for your prompt attention and professional expertise regarding our computer repair needs. You diagnosed and solved our security access problem caused by a lightning power surge. Thanks to your efficiency we were back up and running quickly."

Richard Hengehold - Hengehold Management

"Steven was meticulous in evaluating the computer system in my office. He took the time to research the dental software in order to make the proper recommendations. Thank you Steven for your assistance."

Dr. Valerie Marino

"Steve Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions are the best. I needed a computer upgrade in my office at Gardens Vision Boutique on PGA because Windows XP wasn't being supported anymore by Microsoft. Steve helped me pick out a replacement desktop computer and printer. He installed them and transferred my data to the new system from the old. Seamless transition. When I had a question about the new system or needed help after the installation Steve was a phone call away. He was able to fix any issue remotely and in a timely fashion. When Steve makes an appointment, he is right there ,on time and able to get things squared away .We are very lucky to have Steve on hand for our computer needs. I absolutely recommend him for your computer needs.Steve's great! "

Dr. Dominick Marino - Gardens Vision Boutique

"Steve Cornrich is so accommodating and helpful for all my computer problems he really goes out of his way to get everything fixed as fast as he can, I highly recommend Steve who is a very caring honest giving person".
David Chirico - Founder & President Best of the Best Networking Group
Illustrated Properties / A.N.C. Home Management

"Last year I decided to get rid of my desktop and get the latest and fastest Laptop, this meant going to Windows 8 and it was nothing likeWindows 7.  With the new Windows 8, I found myself completely "lost"! A dear friend of mine who had a similar problem referred me to StevenCornrich and TelData Computer Solutions. Steven came directly to my house, jumped on my new computer and in a few hours he made my Windows 8 laptop the most user friendly program. He then went on to synch my laptop with my iPad and my iPhone and answered any and all questions.  My Windows 8 nightmare was turned into a Windows 8 Dream because of Mr. Cornrich’s extensive knowledge of all Windows Products.
Whenever I have problems Steven is always available to help, either remotely, via phone or in person.  Thank you Steven you are THE BEST!!  I highly recommended you!"
Michael C. Athmer, Progressive Employer Management Company

"I would definitely recommend Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions to help you with your computer!I am so happy that I was referred to him. Steven worked with me from the minute I called, I was expecting to wait for an appointment but instead Steven helped me over the phone. Steven was very patient and professional! he guided me in finding a new computer ,my computer was about 10 years old, than he came over and set it all up for me, explained some things and now he is always just a phone call away! No waiting, No hassles and EXCELLENT SERVICE!"
Leslie Gougherty

"After a couple of weeks of my computer getting slower and slower, I called Steven Cornrich. After asking me a few questions, he coached me on how to allow him access to my computer remotely. I was able to keep an appointment while he took care of all my issues. After he cleared out all the issues, Steven told me what to look for so I'm less likely to reinfect it. I highly recommend Steven Cornrich for all your computer needs. "
Marianne Trigg

"Again, Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions is getting another testimonial. I had the best customer service that I ever have had. My daughter's computer was barely working. It was so slow she couldn't use it and couldn't even get connected to the internet because Iof all the viruses. Steven made it like brand new. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Steven genuinely cares, He is so sincere and extremely professional. I will be recommending TelData Computer Solutions and Steven Cornrich to everyone that needs computer help. Thank You Steven"
Vicki Maxwell – Maxwell Event Management 

“There are still professional service oriented people who desire to provide their clients with dedicated & caring service. Steven Cornrich is one of those rare individuals. He will go the extra mile to insure you are satisfied. He is fast, courteous, & his dress attire is impressive! 
I recommend TelData Computer Solutions to everyone in need of computer services.” 
Carolyn Bolash – Realtor, Capital Realty Residential

"Steven Cornrich is MORE than an IT Consultant to me, he is lifesaver. I recently experienced a very real and perceived catastrophic computer server malfunction. The systemic damage was so devastating and highly technically involved that I had a well-reasoned fear that the system could not be salvaged. To make matters worse, I had an appellate filing deadline to satisfy within the next 24 hours.  Mr. Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions was referred to me by another professional and when I made telephonic contact with Mr. Cornrich he arrived in person to my practice WITHIN THE HOUR, despite the fact that when we spoke he was in the middle of a meeting. He dedicated the better part of his day to successfully fixing my computer system. The same was functional AND FASTER upon his departure. He saved not only my computer network, but potentially my practice as he fervently assured me he would have the system fixed in time for me to meet my electronic filing deadline. He surpassed his promise.  I highly endorse Steven Cornrich as a highly knowledgeable, dependable, professional IT Consultant. I will solely use the services provided by TelData Computer Solutions moving forward and will refer my professional network to Mr. Cornrich wholeheartedly. I feel blessed to have his affiliation with my law practice and I look forward to a lifelong professional working relationship."
Heather Aquafresca, Esquire, Attorney & Counselor at Law
"Thank you Steven Cornrich. If anyone is looking for an outstanding and knowledgeable computer guy - Steve is the man for the job!
David Steinfeld, The Law Office of David Steinfeld, Esq. Business Litigation Expert
Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions far exceeded our expectations. Steven arrived on time, was extremely professional, patient & courteous. Our computers were still running Windows XP which we replaced with Windows 8.1 and we have a surveillance system with cmeras protecting the Condominium. We are more than satisfied with the decision we made to go with TelData Computer Solutions. Steven is clearly a highly skilled IT Professional and will be the exclusive Provider of Computer Services to our Condominium Complex and to all of our Residents. It’s truly a pleasure doing business qwith Mr. Cornrich. Anyone seeking help with their computers should contact TelData Computer Solutions, They come to your home or business or fix your problem remotely on-line"
Franklin Ramsey, Superintendent The Court of Delray
“Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions are the best. I contacted Steve on a Wednesday late afternoon because my computer was really acting strange. The problem was I was leaving the next morning at 6:00 am to go to the airport. Well what I thought was a problem was NO problem at all for Steve. He remotely fixed my computer and even though it went to early hours of the morning he made sure when I woke up to leave for the airport my computer was ready to go also. I have recommended him to my daughters and will continue to recommend him to anyone who ever needs any computer help”
Angela Avoletta

“I contacted Steven by text message when my 1 month old laptop was giving me an error or simply would not bring up a website every time I tried to access Internet Explorer. If it did launch I would be sent all over the place to sites I’ve never heard of nor seen before. Steven instantly knew what virus was affecting my new laptop. Steven very patiently guided me to his website where I generated a code allowing Steven remote access to my PC and he took it from there. I woke up the next morning and my laptop worked better than day one! I never had to leave my home, I didn’t have to bring it back to the store or even wait, TRUELY an amazing and hassle free experience... I will be referring Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions to everyone I know business and home owners alike, in fact I have already referred one of my customers and business owners to Steven and the feedback I received mirrors very much that of my own”

Sabrina Infiesta, Seacoast National Bank

"Steven Comrich of TelData Computer Solution has a level of courtesy and professionalism that is unmatched. I had continuing problems with a defective hard drive on a computer that was a little over a year old Steven was able to install the new hard drive even though the original hard drive had major issues on it and was almost next to impossible to remove the information from it. Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions is definitely the real deal. Thank you again Steven. "

Pauline Chardt, Vice President, Nordic Pest Control Plus

"I had a fantastic one-on-one with Steven Cornrich of TelData Computer Solutions this morning. He helps individuals and businesses with IT solutions. He can help you with your virus removal, spyware removal, and all things Windows. I feel very confident referring him to anyone who is in need of computer help"

Victoria Grigaliunas – Graphic Design by Victoria

 "Awesome computer company! So helpful and honest! I recommend to everyone"
Ming Liu

"I contacted Steve to help me remove some very important work from my computer as it was giving me a blue screen and I was going to take it back to the store it was bought at. Not only did he retrieve all of the work that I had on my drive but he restored my computer to working order, in better shape that originally. I would recommend his service to anyone. He was very easy to talk to (no geek jargon) allowed me to follow him at my pace. Thank you Steve."

Pauline Chardt, Vice President, Nordic Pest Control Plus

"If you are looking for a reliable expert to solve your computer problems no matter how small, call, TelData Computer Solutions. TelData can help you remotely too."

Bonnie Siegfried

“If you look up the word “consummate” in the dictionary, they will find a photo of Steven Cornrich. He is considerate, thoughtful, punctual, attentive and knowledgeable. He is the consummate professional. He was a big help to me even before I hired him. My computer was stolen and I was at a loss as to what to buy to replace it. Steven spent time researching the varied choices and recommended a computer for me. He even went so far as to talk to the salesman I was working with to be sure I got the best deal. Needless to say, I hired him.
We set an appointment which, unfortunately, he couldn’t keep due to an emergency. He, however, did not leave me stranded. Using the latest technology, he hooked up our computers remotely and proceeded to spend more than one hour with me on the phone setting up my computer. When I left him a text message, at 11 o’clock that evening saying I was having trouble, I expected him to call me the next day. Instead, my phone rang and it was Steven at 11:15P.M. Asking what he could do to help me. We spent another half hour solving my problem. Without being impatient, he rapidly and without stop, proceeded to explain how to fix my problem.

I’ve called him several times since then, at all hours of the day. He always picked up the phone ready to help me. He never put me off or suggested I call at another time. When I got his bill, I was shocked. He charged my only for the time he spent with the initial installation. I would certainly recommend him to anyone with a computer problem no matter how big or small. He can do it all on time and efficiently.”

Ken Gordon – I Buy Gold

“Steven, it was a pleasure meeting on the phone yesterday.  I am so grateful for the time you expended me in solving my computer problems.  I will certainly refer you to anyone I know who is having computer problems.  You were very pleasant, professional and very knowledgeable.  I can't thank you enough. PS  I look forward to working together in the future!”

Beverly C.

"Wow! Steven just did some work for me. He worked until 2:00 a.m. to fix my computer. What a dedicated guy. He worked with me while I tried to remember passwords. (Are you one of those people?) He even did a few work-arounds for me when I was really stuck. If you need your computer fixed, Call Steven Cornrich. The guy is dedicated and quick!"

Larry Sexton - Center For Communication Skills

"Steven, the expeditious, technical savvy, patient and thoughtful manner in which you assisted me in restoring my personal computer back from a virus attack is tryly appreciated! You are the BEST and I highly recommend your services to everyone as they had been recommended to me.  Again, many thanks" 
Ann Tierney, Realtor, Brown Harris Stevens of Palm Beach

"Steve took a Saturday call from me and helped an elderly friend fix his computer and lower his internet bill within 2 hours of the phone call.  Steve then followed up with me to say how everything went.  On behalf of my friend and myself, thank you very much, Steve! I could not be more impressed"
Todd Johnson, Evershore Financial Group

"I just wanted to take moment to thank Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions for getting me out of a real bind this morning thanks to the MyPCfixOnline.com Remote Technical Support Service they Offer.I never would have thought that sitting here in Brooklyn, New York with a computer so messed up that my soon to meet deadline for work seemed impossible to meet and consumed with fear of having to face my Boss and having to explain why I failed to meet my deadline….I might as well of just said my dog ate my homework right? So I called Steven and asked if there was any way he could help, he instructed me to go to his website www.TelDataComputerSolutions.com or more simply MyPCfixOnline.com  for Remote Technical Support. I clicked on a little red computer icon sent Steven the numbers that popped up and next thing you know Steven is remotely connected to my PC all the way up here in New York City, Really?He asked me to show him the problem I was having and then I watched in awe as my mouse was moving around my screen in total amazement as my computer problems were being resolved right in front of my eyes. Thank You so much Steven! You saved me and my day, no missed deadline for work here!!! Thanks to you and the MyPCfixOnline.com Remote Technical Support Service offered by TelData Computer Solutions I’m going to have a great day!! Everyone needs to know about this Service it’s invaluable!"
Sima B.

"I was referred to Steven Cornrich and TelData Computer Solutions by a fellow Attorney and member of the Best of the Best Network.  Steven is extremely knowledgeable and effective in resolving computer related issues and problems in a timely manner. Steven Cornrich is definitely a Go-To Guy!!"
Jason Berger, Esq., Law Office of Jason D. Berger, P.A.

"I wanted to take a moment to thank Steven Cornrich and TelDataComputerSolutions for the exemplary service you recently provided my organization.  As you are aware we were fighting a deadline on a report for one of our largest clients when we experienced a significant IT failure.  Having contacted you well after business hours we can't express how much we appreciate your professionalism, quality customer service and the knowledge you provided for a new customer. You came highly recommended, but the fact that you were willing to rearrange your schedule and work into the late hours of the night to get us up and running again is greatly appreciated.  I have instructed my staff to place you on our preferred vendor list.
Many thanks on behalf of the entire staff and Happy New Year"
Chuck Basnight, BMG

“In the past I have been so frustrated with my computers always bought the warranty, Geek Squad, etc and I was never satisfied. I had to keep going back to get it exactly right but that's the problem It became so frustrating, the calls the drive to Best Buy and the constant recurrences of problems and fees, that I just stopped using it completely. After a year of problems my computer was put away I gave up, I had enough.

Then one day through word of mouth I heard about Steven Cornrich, I was told he could help me with my computer problems, so I ended up making the call to him.  Steven spent almost half the day on my computer in the comfort of my own home. His eyes never left what use to be my dreaded computer and after he was done he had completely turned it around to something I love. Not only did he fix my pc, he went on to teach me so much more!

I recently got the new Microsoft Windows 8 Surface Tablet, Who do you think I called? Yes Steven for help setting it up and then teaching me how to use it. Now I love to do all the great stuff I was taught!  Thank you Steven."

Gillian S.

"Every season that my wife and I come down to Palm Beach for the winter months, the first thing that we do is to call Steve to get our computers up and running as well as our internet radios.
Steve is a true professional, super technician and a real gentleman. It's always a pleasure to find an honest, fair person such as Steve that we can always count on.
We would recommend him to anyone!"
Frank Jordan Kenney
“Steve was great from the first phone call! When I called Steve and told him I was having some issues with my computer He was able to log right onto my computer to check it out. It only took him a day to remove some virus and malware that somehow got onto my computer. He was able to correct the issues without losing any of my data or having to reinstall anything, as that was my biggest concern. Even after I received my computer he worked with me over the phone and answered all my questions.”
Christian Penner, FEMBI Mortage
"Thank you, Steve for going the extra mile even without my asking! Thank you for calling me back. I so appreciate your genuine desire to "solve the problem". Thanks for your calm demeanor and reminding me to "wait" for the computer to load, ha!! You found the glitch and the best is you taught me how to navigate Dropbox to store my mp3 recording!! I got my radio show "in" on time! Joy!! Christmas has come early for me!"
Ellen McCormack, Natural Health Practitioner, Educator & Coach; Microscopist

"Steve Cornrich is awesome! I had a computer problem at the worst possible time and he responded immediately, remoted in, and fixed it in a jiff !!!
David Steinfeld, Board Certified Attorney, The Law Office of David Steinfeld

"Once again...one call...fixed! Thanks Steve!"
Deborah Curwick, Friedman, Feldmesser & Karpeles

"Referred another person to Steve today. He always gets high praises from those that I refer to him."
David Steinfeld, Board Certified Attorney, The Law Office of David Steinfeld

"Steve is my go-to guy for clients of mine with computer or virus issues. I just referred another one with ransom-ware to him."
David Steinfeld, Board Certified Attorney, The Law Office of David Steinfeld
"Steven exemplifies what customer service should be.  He is available to me via his cell phone and e-mail.  He is very responsive to my needs and works hard to resolve any issues"
William Aldrich, Aldrich Rent All Inc.
"I would gladly recommend Mr. Cornrich to our other clients.  I have been more then impressed with his services"
Suzanne, C & C VENCAP
"We appreciate the level of service that our firm received from Mr. Cornrich.  It is very reassuring that Steven is available to us via cell phone and is very responsive and attentive to our needs."
Sharlene, The Grantham Law Firm and Standard Title Insurance Agency
"Steve came out to my office and spent considerable time and effort to fully resolve the problem THAT SAME DAY! This quality of service is truly a rarity in the world today."
Daniel Brach, Insurance Damage Repair