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Computer Setup, Printer Setup , PC Repair and PC Upgrades, Microsoft Windows 10, Apple MacBook Air, Pro, Google Chromebooks

Many times we find ourselves out matched by technology. Basic installation of hardware and software can be troublesome. Not knowing why a computer is running slow, why it won't turn on, or why its making noise you've never heard can be very frustrating. Often times upgrades are needed for your computer hardware and/or software.

Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Google Android Phones & Mobile Devices, Setup, Backup and Recovery, Microsoft OneDrive & Office365

Have you been at a complete lose when your iPhone or Google Phone breaks or is lost? Loosing the Contacts in your phone can be devastating. We have become so dependent on the technology, most of us don't even know our friends or families phone numbers anymore. We can show you how to make sure this does not happen to you.

In Home WiFi Setup, WiFi Range Extenders, WiFi Mesh Networking

For the average computer user It can be extremely frustrating setting up a home computer to connect to the internet. The cable and telecom companies make it out to be simple often just sending the modem to your home with no tech to perform the installation, only to find ourselves calling support, waiting on hold for what seems to be eternity only to be told they can't fix the problem. Even more frustrating is having to take off work to wait on a tech to come out either in the 4 hour morning or afternoon window. Who has time like this to waste?

Photos & File Organization, Storage and Backup Microsoft OneDrive

What to do after capturing those moments with friends and family. It becomes an ever increasing hassle emailing photos to friends. Most email accounts have a cap on how many pics we can send at a time. Let us show you how to store and share your pics from one location. Your friends and family can then download them or even order prints right online and have them delivered to their doorstep.

TelData Computer Solutions - Teaching Sessions

We would be happy to sit and teach you any and all of the above technologies and acquire the basic skills needed to enjoy what the internet and the programs have to offer. We know what its like to need a little help, we've been through it ourselves.

eMail, Facebook, Skype, Instant Messenger, Google gmail, Microsoft Outlook, AOL, Comcast, yahoo

The Internet has more to offer than ever before, Social Media has become a household name, everyone is doing it! right? Connecting with family and friends can be easy and fun. Free Video conferencing over the internet with programs like Microsoft's Skype , FaceBook's Messenger, Apple's FaceTime, Zoom's Zoom meeting and Microsoft's Teams allow family's to grow together even if separated by states or countries. We can get you connected.