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Website Design Services

Our website design services were developed for the singular purpose of promoting our client's brand through a highly optimized site that can be found in search engines. Don't pay for the bargain basement web design services of anyone who doesn't also have extensive experience in marketing. Most of the on-line services use less experienced help who couldn't possibly offer you the marketing support you need to craft a message and presentation that people want to see! TelData Computer Solutions offers expert web design and landing pages with the added value of professional marketing services to design a personal call to action for your site. Sites and pages start at $99 per month with the average 5-page website costing $600 - $700. Frankly, our competitors don't care for us because most websites are over-priced and frequently left un-optimized when turned over to the client. Moreover, our clients on their websites and are free to access them and make updates when they want to. We work without contracts so our clients never feel pressured to stay with us for any reason other than their own burning desire to maintain their brand!

Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the course by which your business is found in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). This type of internet marketing is the most critical element of your online marketing efforts. Don't be fooled by large wholesale web-based SEO firms that don't understand your needs, wants, and marketing message. We interact with our clients monthly and visit them in their place of business to review their results. TelData Computer Solutions exclusively partners with Square D Marketing to deliver these services and works without a contract so our clients aren't bullied into staying with us. Rather, our clients choose to stay with us because we get the results. Get your business listed with Square D today and jump-start your sales. Real people, real experience, real results.

Our SEO efforts are based on a simple principle that we have mastered: Promote our client's businesses through the development of real, meaningful, fresh content. Think about it! Even the most optimized website is frequently only one index-able entry on the search engine regardless of its position. In addition, we create listings that promote your business through multiple index-able entries which all point back to your website. Not only is this preferable to our clients, but it is also preferred by Google and the other search engines in that it is the very essence of creating fresh content that prospective clients want to read.

Social Media Services

When it comes to Social Media Marketing it is all about the conversation. We create an environment where our clients are taught what makes a great conversation and what makes people cringe. Too often people fail to recognize that the best marketing comes through the promotion of others or the engagement of the reader through interactive exchanges. No one wants to read a billboard of constant self-promotion! Our Social Media Marketing Campaigns are rooted in something that we call, The Spider Web. The Spider Web connects all the Social Media efforts for a company through interactive blogs, content-rich articles, optimized social media landing pages, and fierce branding to capture the perspective and present clients and move them to take action. Generally, the action we are looking for is a phone call to our branded client (the spider), an email, or a click-through to the target website or landing page.

From Facebook and Linkedin to Twitter and WordPress, TelData Computer Solutions Has Exclusively Partnered with Square D Marketing who is renowned for its ability to produce winning social media marketing plans that drive traffic to your business. Our trademarked "spider-webs" will increase the number of "hits" your website gets through linking your social media and crafting an action-based marketing theme that is prevalent throughout!